Meet the Herd


Feedlots, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, factory farms-- these don't sound like (look like or smell like) the family farm we all remember from yesteryear. At Whitney Creek Farm we know that animals are creatures with distinct personalities-- friendships, preferences, and feelings. It is our goal to use our resources to provide the best life possible for the animals placed in our care-- the opportunity to live outdoors, with room to grow and express themselves the way God intended. And they, in turn, give us great joy and enjoyment, both in their lives and in the nutritious food they provide for us and to our customers.

We DO NOT Grow Grocery Store Meat.

Angus is well-known for producing well-marbled, very flavorful cuts of beef. They reach their finished weight in about 18 months and produce about 500 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. We have customers who, like us, enjoy the leaner and more natural flavor of grass-finished meat. Others like to have a bit more marbling and the type of flavor produced by a grain finish, and we oblige those customers by continuing to raise their beeves on pasture, but supplementing their grass/hay with a limited amount of grain (produced by a local mill and containing no medications or animal by-products) during the last months of their lives. This contrasts the commercial model, where cattle are transitioned from diets of grass/hay entirely to feedlots when they are around 8-9 months old, where they are fed extensive amounts of grain and other foodstuffs for the remainder of their lives.

Why Dexters?

Smaller in size and easier to handle than commercial cattle breeds, Dexter cattle produce just the right amount of incredibly delicious meat and milk for a family, making them perfect cattle for homesteaders.

Dexters thrive on pasture and need no grain (although we do like to supplement our cows with alfalfa pellets if we are milking them). We appreciate our Dexters for their smart dispositions, easy-going natures, and resiliency to the extremely cold winter weather here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The compact size of Dexter cattle makes them easy-keepers who finish well on grass and hay alone in about 24 months, producing approximately 350 pounds of meat for the freezer. This meat is lean, tender, and considered to be gourmet quality beef.

Perfectly Nutritious Milk

Guernsey cows are a hard-to-find treasure. They are known for being extremely gentle and adaptable. Of all the major dairy breeds, they are least likely to have calving issues. They require less feed than other cows and convert feed at a higher rate to butterfat and protein. Guernsey cows produce some of the best milk available.

Compared to Holstein milk, Guernsey milk has:

  • A2A2 beta-Caseins

  • 12% more protein

  • 30% more cream

  • 33% more Vitamin D

  • 25% more Vitamin A

  • 15% more calcium

  • Abundant beta-Carotene, making it a golden yellow color.

Milk Buying Program

We offer a limited number of herd shares to friends of the farm who understand and appreciate the benefits of raw milk. To become a member, you sign a contract and make an initial payment. This makes you part-owner of our dairy herd. As a co-owner, you then help cover expenses and upkeep by paying a monthly boarding fee. Because you own a share of the dairy herd, you are also entitled to a share of their products-- namely, milk (during lactations) and composted manure (available during the summer months). Interested? Use the contact form below: