Ethically raised, nutritious, USDA inspected

Wholes, halves, and quarters of Angus/Cross beef will be available by reservation in the fall. This beef will be grass-finished or grass-fed + grain-finished by request. Steers will finish out at around 1100 pounds, with hanging weights of approximately 650 pounds, finally producing approximately 480 pounds of cut and wrapped meat. Beef by the cut is available year-round.



Cornish-Cross Chickens & Pastured Turkeys

Our chickens and turkeys are moved to fresh pasture every day in order to get plenty of exercise, sunshine, and a varied diet. This produces poultry full of nutrition and rich in flavor, “the way it used to taste”. Frozen chickens are available in limited supply through our farm store. Orders of fresh chickens may be reserved during the summer months by contacting the farm.



Gourmet, USDA Inspected, Grassfed Icelandic Lamb

Icelandic lambs are dam-raised and rotationally grazed on pasture. Lamb is an environmentally-friendly, low-impact food option. Icelandic lamb distinguishes itself from market lamb by having a more delicate flavor and smaller cut of meat. Lamb is an excellent source of vitamin B12, vitamin B3, Omega-3s, healthy fats, oleic acid, and conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs). We sell whole lamb by reservation in fall and lamb by the cut year-round.



Gourmet, USDA inspected, Pastured Berkshire Pork

We sell Berkshire Pork by the cut or by the whole or half. Wholes and halves are available by reservation in spring and fall. Berkshire hogs are excellent grazers and enjoy grasses and legumes. This pork is red and marbled, producing a rich gourmet flavor while giving evidence of a life well-lived outdoors on pasture.



We offer delivery to drop-off points in Iron and Gogebic Counties each week. Online ordering prices include a 10% surcharge to cover transportation. Many of our products are not packaged in uniform weights. By placing an order, you, the customer agree to meet an agent of Whitney Creek Farm at an appointed time and place. Failing to do so may forfeit any refunds for products reserved.


Fiber Products

Icelandic sheep are dual-coated, and their fleeces are often spun into a popular style of yarn called Lopi. The water-resistant outer fleece, called tog, may also be separated from the soft, inner fleece, called thel, for different knitting applications. Since they are low in lanolin, many people like to spin these fleeces in the raw. Icelandic fleeces offer great variety; no two are really the same in color or pattern.

Coming Soon! 


Breeding Stock

A triple-purpose breed, known for its lightly-flavored gourmet meat, soft and sturdy dual-coated fleeces, and milk perfect for cheesemaking, the Icelandic sheep is a heritage breed well-suited to the rugged climate of the Snow-belt Region of Lake Superior. Finishing at just under 100 pounds, and fully growing to 140-200 pounds, the Icelandic sheep thrives on natural grasses and browse, making it an ideal addition to a homestead or farm as a production animal.