Meet the Flock


Raised on grass in the sunshine, our pastured Cornish cross broiler chickens get as much exercise as they'd like–along with free-choice grass, mosquitoes, crickets, etc. to supplement their carefully measured grain rations, which are locally-produced and free from animal by-products and medications. Our broilers are kept safe and clean in portable chicken housing, called tractors, and at least once a day they are moved to fresh pasture. This in turn helps the grasses to grow; the nitrogen that pastured broilers add to the soil in the time they spend in each location is just right for fertilizing our pasture grasses. This system is far different from the dark, overcrowded, stressful, illness-inducing environments endured by their counterparts grown in production settings.

Broiler Chickens

We grow our pastured broilers to an average of five pounds. This makes it easy for a typical family to enjoy two or more meals from each chicken, reducing the need for extensive prep time or meal planning. Cooking a whole chicken is easy: just rinse it, then rub it with your favorite seasoning, add a little olive oil to your roasting pan or crock pot, and cook it (covered) at 300 degrees for about 1.5 hours. Leftovers are great for sandwiches, tacos, stir fry, soup, etc. When Grandma ordered chicken soup to "cure what ails you", she was giving great advice! It's hard to match the health benefits that come with homemade soup broth, an added bonus to your purchase!



We raise three batches of broilers and one batch of turkeys each summer. Pastured chickens and turkeys are purchased by our customers with a deposit, and the remainder of the cost of raising each bird is paid when they are picked up. We will process your chickens and turkeys free of charge as a courtesy to you. Our pastured broilers and turkeys must be reserved in advance of the processing date and picked up fresh at the farm. 

Since we only grow chickens during the warm weather months, we encourage you to stock up for the winter when you order. The sense of security that comes with food in the freezer is just like having "money in the bank". Knowing that you'll have nutrient-dense food for your family available at any time makes the planning worthwhile.